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Safety & Environment

At Silvercorp, we recognize that our success cannot continue without astute concern for the welfare of the labour force and the environment that drives and supports our growth. As such, the company has carried out various initiatives to protect the safety and health of its workers and to protect the environment. These include:

Employee Safety Measures

  • Silvercorp has a safety superintendent as well as a safety team composed of 20 people who provide safety education to, and policing of, the labour force;
  • New worker training as well as continuous training programs are carried out regularly;
  • As a result of Silvercorp’s excellent safety record, the company is viewed by the local government as a model mining company.

Environmental Protection Measures

  • Silvercorp operates a zero discharge mill and has a full tailings dam;
  • A tunnel was constructed to mitigate risks of environmental damage from flooding;
  • Water spraying program is in place to reduce dust and a dust collection system was installed at the Ying crushing plant;
  • Local government officials have been retained to monitor water quality; and
  • Three-stage settling pond to treat waste water to Class II standards which are acceptable for discharge into the environment.

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