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The management of Silvercorp has always approached the business of mining differently than most North American junior exploration companies. Rather than purely drilling for years to build up a resource that it intends to sell to someone else, Silvercorp aimed at the outset to go into operations quickly so that it could run a real and profitable business.

This long-term strategy was characterized by three key steps:

  1. Acquire a project and conduct selective exploration to further delineate its potential;
  2. Develop mine operations and generate profits before the project’s potential is fully drilled off; and
  3. Use the cash flows generated from operations to fund further exploration, resource expansion and production ramp up.

Silvercorp's long-term strategy produced three key benefits:

  1. Local Employment – mine development creates jobs for neighbouring communities, boosting the local economy and creating an immediate sense of community involvement in the project.
  2. Tax Revenue for Local Government – boost in local support and the taxes collected from profits ensures the support of the local government for the continuation and success of the project.
  3. Minimum Dilution for Shareholders – immediate profits and returns means immediate value appreciation for Silvercorp’s shareholders and minimum dilution of shareholders’ equity.

Long-term Goals

With over $115.3 million in cash, cash equivalents and short term investments as of March 31, 2019, profitable operations, and high quality development projects, Silvercorp plans to grow through exploration, mine development and acquisitions.

Last updated May. 30, 2019

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